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6 Positive Benefits of Unique Glass Awards

A crystal award is a good choice because of its timeless value. This expression of gratitude can take the form of a physical gift. Recognition programs that take all of the above into account are sure to create an amazing company culture born out of the satisfaction and commitment of your employees.

Being chosen as a finalist for an award grants your business free attention from the award’s organizer. Additionally, the publicity is significantly more extensive and significant if you succeed. Here are some positive benefits of unique glass awards.


  1. Valuable Social Proof & Social Influence

You look for proof that others are engaging in this activity and finding it enjoyable. It is referred to as social proof and is a psychological phenomenon that is a potent marketing force.

Winning unique glass awards and showcasing that success across your customer journey can have powerfully beneficial consequences on your customer journey, much as we look to internet reviews to reassure us.

  1. Instant Credibility 

Winning an award gives you instant credibility with clients and opens up many doors. Let’s face it, before making a buy, we all read reviews. Third-party endorsements are essential, and receiving an award demonstrates that a non-affiliated organisation felt your work was deserving of honour.

The benefits can be increased if you announce the outcomes loudly and display any “badges” indicating the victory on your website, in signature files, and on social media.

  1. Increased Morale

It nearly goes without saying that receiving an award boosts team morale and offers intrinsic incentive for team members. The nomination alone, which acknowledges work well done and hard labour, is a celebration of the hours the team put into the project and may have a big, positive impact on talent retention and employee happiness.

  1. Talent Attraction 

It can help a lot to build a fresh talent pipeline when prospective employees see your firm honored and your teams praised. In fact, 74% of millennials think business has the ability to address the issues that worry them. That sentence packs a punch.

We frequently hear from our member organisations that one of their most difficult challenges is talent management. Your difficulty with talent acquisition and retention can be a thing of the past if young talent sees your business addressing and handling significant concerns.

  1. Easy Bench-marking

Imagine being exposed to dozens of projects working on related and unrelated problems at once. We’ve witnessed SIG members repeatedly experience “aha” moments after hearing thought leadership from someone in a different field, and then completely change their own businesses after putting those takeaways into practice. Unique glass awards ceremonies are designed to provide you speedy access to the finest of the best and a greater chance of those enlightening moments.

  1. Differentiation & Leadership  

You may stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your leadership by winning an industry award. It may open up new avenues and establish your business as a leader (quite literally).

  1. Boost Brand Recognition through Exposure

Business unique glass awards can help you build your brand awareness even if you don’t win. Your company’s existence in the industry will be known to more business owners. Throughout the event’s advertising by the award organization and the chance to network at the actual award ceremony, you’ll receive important PR possibilities.


Unique glass awards always have a touch of elegance to them when compared to other trophies and awards. They can take part in the delight in the celebration while you are thinking of award names and meanings. In both their personal and professional lives, it is a turning point. Encourage others to embrace life in all of its forms by taking a moment. A sentimental sentence etched on a crystal prize may also be quite effective.

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