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7 Nail Care Tips for Beautiful Nails – Curlz Salon

Whether it is a religious concern or a style statement, you, especially females, love to have beautiful nails. And for this, you visit a beauty parlor or a unisex salon in Marathahalli (Bangalore) to get a Manicure or Pedicure done. At your home through your effort and care, you can make your nails healthy, beautiful, and attractive. Before knowing how to take care of nails, you should know the signs of healthy and unhealthy nails. 

Signs of healthy nails

You need to have an idea about the signs of healthy nails to know whether your nails are healthy or not. Here are some unique signs of healthy nails:

  • The colour of the nail plates is pinkish-white 
  • Cuticles exist 
  • The length of the nails and white tips is even 
  • Usually, at the nail base, the white section is in the half-moon shape 

Signs of unhealthy nails 

  • Splitting or peeling nails due to vitamin deficiency or dryness 
  • Tiny white spots due to frequent nail painting or biting 
  • Horizontal grooves caused by stress, finger jamming, or high fevers
  • Swollen or red skin around nails
  • Spoon-shaped nails due to iron deficiency     

How to take care of your nails

After knowing the signs of healthy and unhealthy nails, you can easily find out whether your nails are healthy or not. If they are unhealthy and you want to have beautiful nails, the following nail care tips for you can try: 

  1. Keep your hands always clean 

After washing your hands, you should ensure that your nails are free from grime. And for this, you can use an acetone-free remover to remove all traces of nail polish. It will keep your nails hydrated. In addition, you can rub a soft toothbrush on a soap bar to scrub your nails and the surrounding area. With it, you will exfoliate dead skin, remove dirt, and get rid of drying chemicals. 

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  1. Clip your nails on a regular base 

Like your hair, you should constantly trim your nails to maintain your beautiful look. According to Christie Pratt, a nail expert at Curlz Unisex Salon in Bangalore, consistent nail trimming make your nails less prone to breakage and snags. So, you should trim your nails at least once in two weeks. You can adjust trimming time as per your nail response to trimming.    

  1. Be gentle to your nails 

Your nails are highly fragile. So, you need to treat them well. You should not use metal tools under your nails as they can cause the separation of nail plates from the skin. Further, you should maintain a safe distance from chemical cleaning solutions and too much dishwashing to have healthy nails.  

  1. Give more value to nail health in comparison with the length 

You think long nails are elegant. Yes, they are. However, long nails can make you struggle with nail breakage or hanging nails. Christie Pratt says that you should keep your nails short. Short nails are stronger. And they look neat and attractive with rounded edges. Furthermore, they are easy to manage. You are free from worries of nail wear and tear.      

  1. Safeguard your nails with a base coat  

You must not skip the base coat while painting your nails at home. Christie Pratt states that the base coat helps the colour look more opaque and shields your nails from polish stains. You can add a coat of clear gloss between every layer if you wish to take things to the next level.   

  1. Before using your nail polish, read its labels

All nail polishes are not equal in terms of formation and quality. Christie Pratt advises that you should go through the labels of a few nail polishes before buying the good one for you. In your purchase, you should avoid nail polishes that have toxic chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde, or dibutyl phthalate. These chemicals can lead you to nail cracking, splitting, or brittleness. 

  1. Apply a top coat to prevent nail chips 

Having a top coat is crucial for you. And hence, you should not skip it, as it seals the colour of the nail polish and adds the required gloss finish. Christie Pratt, a nail expert, suggests adding a top coat every three days to lower chipping.  


Nail care is essential for everyone. It becomes more important if you want to have no compromise in your overall look and personality. Having an idea about the signs of healthy and unhealthy nails helps you know about your nail health. Further, nail care tips for beautiful nails help you do what is beneficial for the better health of your nails.

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