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Cloud-Based Visitor Management System: Why should you switch to Cloud VMS?

Are you responsible for managing a workplace? Think about all the people who have come and gone through your doors. Now imagine if you had to track and record each of their movements. Traditionally you would go to log books. Pen, paper and long hours consumed for logging in visitor details. Add to this the time taken in maintaining these records and the difficulty of finding something from the past.  It sounds like a tough job, doesn’t it?

This is where a cloud based visitor management system comes into play.

A visitor management system already has its inherent set of benefits, but a Cloud VMS takes it to the next level.

This article will help in understanding how it helps your organization become safer and more efficient and why you should make the switch.

Simple Access 

Log books have you turning through pages and manually looking for details and server based systems will have you endlessly clicking to find information. A cloud based VMS is a simple login process. There is in most cases a portal where you can just log in and just like that all the information is available to you and This is an incredible feature to have especially when you are managing multiple locations. All the data from all the locations are available at one portal. Data you need is also available on all types of devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and desktop computers. This means your administration can make faster decisions to solve problems.


A cloud VMS offers a much wider range of customization. It offers a single centralized solution through its customizations. Each organization small or large has its own customization needs and hence it becomes essential that the VMS you install can adapt to each organization’s unique needs. Here are some useful customization options that Veris offers:

  • Access control system – Integrate your VMS with the access control system and be in total control of your workplace by granting or revoking access
  • Slack – Send messages across selected channels and expand your network
  • Webbooks-  Trigger workflows depending on set requirements, design unique conditions and customization on the go.
  • MailChimp- Stay in touch with your guests by adding them to your MailChimp list.
  • CRM- Ensure that you never miss a business opportunity by adding visitors as leads.

Cost Effective

There is no need to install physical servers at your workplace when you have a cloud VMS at your workplace. This means you save up on the place needed to store these servers, no hardware maintenance costs and no need for anti-virus. Given that cloud based VMS is more scalable and cheaper to operate it makes it easy for organizations to make the switch.

Advanced Analytics 

With its ability to give you live reports using data anytime you can use it to track your visitors anytime. Anyone with access can log in and access the information they need by a simple search. Data reports also make it extremely easy for you to make decisions. This means your workplace is more efficient and productivity is improved.

Fit for Hybrid 

In the hybrid workspace, a lot of work is done remotely and a lot of times it’s needed to access data from anywhere at any time. With its ability to have a remote setup which can be accessed from anywhere and any device. This makes it the perfect fit for the hybrid setup.

IT & Security 

Server based VMS requires manual updating and patching which can be a long process and it’s often difficult to diagnose the issue. With a cloud based VMS, It’s easy to understand what the problem is and have faster solutions to solve them. This makes the job of the IT department easier. With constant monitoring, security patches and regular updates it is far more secure than the traditional system.


Cloud based VMS is the next step in visitor management with its simple access, customizations, cost effectiveness, analytics and better security. Its remote and easy access make it something that.

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