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Employee retention by providing them a safer workplace

The return of the third wave has made employers more anxious than ever about the work from office strategy. The conjecture surrounding this is mainly due to the lack of empathy that organizations are showing towards their stakeholders. Employees look for flexibility in work and a safer environment to work in.

The pandemic has burnout the patience of many and so employees in any segment of the workforce are no new.

Research conducted to understand the psychology of employees willing to leave their job each time a new wave hits the world. The most popular answers to this question turned out to be inadequacies in the work environment.

Comprise in the safety aspect and lack of flexibility in the prevalent work conditions are the main inadequacies. All of these or one lead to a chunk of employees quitting their job. You definitely need to dig deeper to understand what is that amiss, if you want to retain your workforce in proper manner

A safe work environment

Every new person who is coming to the workplace always has a constant doubt about safety measures taken by the organization. Interaction with your colleague also becomes a challenge if you see them not adhering to the covid protocols.

This dims the productivity and intention of the employee to work with no fear and freely. A robust visitor management system here could solve all such issues and concerns arising in the minds of the employees and employers on board.

A touchless visitor management system with features that are compliant with the guidelines laid by the regulatory bodies is the perfect answer. 

This would ensure a seamless workflow and interaction between professionals. Compliance with masks, thermal screening, contact tracing, visitor screening, social distancing, health declaration, and integration with the Aarogya Setu App. These are a few of the star features that make a difference in the morale of the employees.

These strategies for ensuring the well-being of the employees inculcates a sense of belonging in them at the workplace. This is therefore reciprocated in the form of being loyal to the organization.

Sensitizing and screening the employees for newer developments in the software could ensure complete compliance to each of the rules imposed within the organization.

The option to work flexibly also empowers employees to perform at their best, regardless of the sector they work in. Building trust between the employees and the employers is the key to laying down a strong interpersonal foundation.

Handling workplace design properly could also ensure enhanced employee as well as the visitor experience. The sense of frustration and insecurity that culminated in the employees is sure to give way once they realize the emphasis laid on their safety, flexibility, and the work-life balance.

A trusted visitor management system

A credible brand like Veris could be the answer to retaining your employees by ensuring them a safer workplace. The powerful feature suite ensures an enhanced visitor and employee experience. And thereby increasing their productivity and building their trust within the organization.

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