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Electronic Health Record System Take Over Paper Records

By now, your medical organization’s administration has concluded that using paper-based records lead more problems than it solves, and it is time to switch to Electronic Health Record system. At the same time, some practices are stuck with paper records. Paper records are simply insecure, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify using this antiquated method of keeping patient files, it’s time to replace it with an electronic health record system.

An Electronic Health Record Software (EHR) gives you far more control over data security. Here are five reasons electronic health records are more secure than paper records to help you make the case to your team for moving forward with an EHR.

Reason 1: Restrict Access to Only Authorized Users

A paper-based system for your patient’s medical records allows unauthorized individuals to access them without your knowledge. During a busy day, an employee may leave a patient’s file out instead of returning it to the filing cabinet. The patient  information misplaced, which is even worse for the patients.

If you’ve been photocopying essential documents and then become distracted by a phone call or another distraction, you understand how easy it is to leave a document behind for someone else to view. With an EHR system, you can control who has access to patient information.

Furthermore, the electronic version of the patient’s chart is now easier to share with other parties. That includes sending a follow-up report to the doctor who referred a patient to one of your specialists. Instead of arranging for a courier or overnight mail, you can send it instantly. The information you transmit will be protected from end to end, keeping patient information secure while making it more convenient.

Reason 2: Encryption Ensures Data Security- Electronic Health Record System

A paper record is easily accessible, allowing anyone to view it, transcribe details, make a copy, or even scan or fax the data to a third party. On the other hand, Electronic Health Record Software is maintained with robust encryption methods to keep sensitive patient information safe from prying eyes.

Your organization must already do everything possible to comply with HIPAA and other privacy regulations, and electronic health record system  make maintaining confidentiality easier than paper records.

In a striking example of an organization failing to protect patients’ information in paper records, the US Department of Health and Human Services reported that its Office for Civil Rights fined Jackson Health Systems $2.15 million because it lost paper records containing protected health information (PHI) for 756 of its patients. Paper records do not provide you or your patients the robust security that an EHR does.

 Reason 3: Tampering with Paper Records

Paper records can be tampered with in ways that are difficult to detect. Someone can, for example, remove papers from a report or create an altered copy to replace the accurate information.

Encryption and strong login and password systems protect electronic health records, making it much more difficult for someone to make unauthorized changes to the patient’s chart and other information. Using an Electronic Heath Record Software aids in the preservation of new records.

Reason 4: Trails of Evidence

Because they allow for audit trails, Electronic Health Record Software provide medical organizations with increased security. There is no foolproof method for performing audit trails on paper records. How would you know who was the last to look through a patient’s chart or if they changed anything?

With an EHR online system, you can quickly determine who had accessed a patient’s records, when they accessed them, and whether or not the access was authorized. If someone gains access to information they should not have, an audit will shed light on the situation instead of paper records, which can be challenging to control. Of course, properly trained employees are aware of these safeguards, which can incentivize them to mind their own business.

The Final Verdict-Electronic health Record System

So, if your company is hit by a ransom ware attack that attempts to freeze patient data until you pay a large sum of money you can ignore the hackers. Instead, your IT department wipes the system and updates it with backup data, allowing you to continue diagnosing and treating patients.

As you can see, converting to electronic health records will provide your organization with increased safety and security for your patients’ confidential data. An EHR system also provides you with several other advantages, such as increased staff efficiency, reduced errors, and the ability to become more profitable.

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