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How to use video game tricks with WeMod on PC

To all video game players, especially those who play single player adventures and do not have a lot of time to devote to games to hone their skills (as unfortunately happens in my case) sometimes it happens to get stuck in the course of an adventure and not being able to enjoy the finale.

In these cases, if the problem is really a particularly difficult enemy or a peak of difficulty, what to do? You end up abandoning the game and maybe not enjoying the ending anymore, or looking for it on YouTube.

Sometimes the tricks can be useful, if you simply want to change your approach to a game and enjoy a few moments of pure delirium and destruction . That’s what good old tricks are used that once were often entered via the command line (console) present on some titles. Then we moved on to the trainers who allowed to obtain various advantages and to modify the values ​​of the characters.

With the spread of online stores such as Steam, the Epic Store and the Windows Store and new protections such as Denuvo, it has become increasingly difficult to use trainers and for this reason the WeMod app was born in 2015 .

WeMod is a simple application that allows us to apply tricks to any of our games regardless of the store of origin.

The app has only one motto “Your game, your rules”, which can be translated as: “Your game, your rules”. The app is particularly popular because it offers cheats for a huge number of titles, and because its database is always updated with new titles and new versions.

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Is WeMod free, legal, and safe?

The answer is yes to all three questions and undoubtedly the app represents, on the safety front, a decisive step forward compared to the old trainers of dubious origin.

The app is free as far as its basic operation is concerned but has some special features reserved for premium subscription customers. Among these functions the most interesting are: the interactive controls for enabling the tricks on the second monitor; the ability to enable or disable individual cheats via the mobile client; the ability to vote for the games you want to be entered, and a fast track for support.

Legally, WeMod provides cheats for single player and non-multiplayer games. So obviously no company has tried to retaliate, since no one is harmed by it.

How do you install WeMod?

Installation is simple and the application is only available for Windows but on the other hand most PC gamers use this platform.

The installation is really simple, and is similar to that of any other application for Windows:

  • you connect to the WeMod video game site ;
  • download the latest version of the executable (exe);
  • double click on the file you just downloaded and follow the procedure (which is very guided).

How do you use WeMod to enable cheats on PC?

The use is really simple, just a couple of clicks are enough to find your favorite title and start playing with the tricks to Play Free Squid games online.

At launch, a screen like this will be visible, as you can see, although the app is in English, the interface is clean and particularly easy to use .

In fact, the app acts as a launcher for our games; just go to the “Games” section to find the latest titles we have played if they have been downloaded from one of the Stores.

If, on the other hand, it is an extra store purchase, we will have to indicate the executable to WeMod.

Doing it is simple, it only takes a few steps:

  • in the ” Games ” screen go to the top right where there is a text field with a magnifying glass and enter the game of our interest;
  • in my case I wrote “ Bioshock “ and selected “ Bioshock Infinite “;
  • after choosing one of the available trainers, you are asked to enter the game executable, as you will notice the presence of the word ” Game not found ” and the ” Fix ” button at the top left ;
    • at this point give the address of the executable, to simplify the work you can also give it the link on the desktop.

    The game is therefore correctly configured in WeMod and you can proceed to use it with the tricks. To use the tricks is very simple: go to the Games tab, select one of the games we have installed (in my case ” The Outer Words “) and click on the ” Play ” button at the top left.

    Attention to have the tricks working the game must be started via WeMod video game, otherwise they will not work.

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