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Network Operations Center: NOC vs. SOC: Which Is Better?

What is NOC(Network Operation Center)?

The Network Operations Center, also known as the “Network Management Center”, operates network monitoring and control from one or more locations, or network management on a computer, telecommunications or satellite network.

What Is Purpose Of NOC?

Patch maintenance

Vendors are constantly updating the software and it is difficult to keep up to date online updates without outside help. NOC’s patch management helps the company keep all software and hardware up to date with complex patches without personal maintenance.

Antivirus support

Although companies have introduced online antivirus software, not all programs are 100% effective. NOC supports programs that prevent viruses from entering the organization’s network.

Install, update and troubleshoot network devices

Easily update, troubleshoot, and install software on NOC network systems. Businesses frequently update and modify their devices and NOC helps them prevent troubleshooting, installing and updating corporate information on each device. NOC calibrates settings to detect network issues, software updates, or new software installations on newer and older machines.

Monitor and manage firewalls and network security software

Security is one of the most important aspects of your business and NOC provides software designed to improve your network security infrastructure.

Detect and analyze network attacks from external sources

There are many attacks, new attacks have always emerged and threaten the organization. Detecting attacks on your network is essential and NOC is adept at detecting threats when they attempt to attack your network and providing protection before they cause harm.

Generate reports on network performance, optimization and health

The NOC is specifically designed to monitor an organization’s network health. It does this by creating reports that show companies’ network performance, overall network status, and possible network optimization.

Back up data stored on network devices

Networks store data, but data can sometimes be corrupted. NOC Data Backup allows you to quickly and easily deliver important data even if your network data is corrupted or degraded.

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NOC vs. SOC: Which Is Better?

NOC vs. The debate on SOC continues around the world, but it is important to note that the two operational centers play an important role in the success of the industry.

The Network Operations Center team provides technical support. Key responsibilities include:

  • Endpoint monitoring and management
  • Recognition, classification and resolution of events
  • Software installation and maintenance
  • Email management
  • Backup and storage management
  • Patch care
  • Risk analysis
  • IT Performance Report

SOC is fully focused on the security and protection of the industry from extortion, malware and other cyber attacks.

The SOC team also includes analysts who monitor and evaluate business applications, networks, websites and other systems. If SOC analysts find suspicious activity in a corporate system, they can fix the incident immediately.

If you don’t have an investment in your NOC or SOC, you should consider whether NOC and SOC work together to help develop your organization.

These business centers monitor IT infrastructure and security issues and address IT infrastructure and security issues. Likewise, finding ways to optimize NOC and SOC can help improve all aspects of business operations.


Overall, the NOCs requirement is unique to most companies, especially large companies. This helps to increase and maximize network time. They hire only the best IT professionals to oversee their services. Outsourcing NOC costs less than hiring your own internal technician and helps NOCs protect your network to prevent malicious attacks or interruptions

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