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OFF GRID Internet: How to get Internet Access when living off the grid

In this blog, we discuss How to Internet Access when living off the grid. Going off the grid doesn’t need severing all links with the outside world. In truth, contemporary technology allows you to live your off-the-grid fantasies while being linked to the rest of the world. Getting high-speed internet providers in my area while off-grid is difficult.

One of the most common concerns I get from folks considering going off the grid is how they can access the internet while living in rural locations. This is particularly crucial for those of us who work from home and depend on the internet.


Internet-enabled smartphone. There are lots of remote off-grid spots with cell towers that are still within reach of the land. If you reside within a range of one of these towers, you may remain connected and browse the web using a data-capable mobile phone. While these connections are often sluggish, they are one of the most cost-effective solutions available, and they might be a suitable choice for individuals who do not need a lot of bandwidth.


One of the most affordable Off-Grid Internet Access choices.

Allows you to make phone calls and has a dedicated phone number for you.

It is completely portable and may be carried anywhere in the globe.

Depending on the phone, you may be able to utilize your phone as a WIFI-equipped hotspot or tether for your other electronic devices.


Some of the slowest internet connections available.

It’s inconvenient to view movies or download huge files.

Also, the screen is relatively small.

Antenna for Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Internet Access: Your Hotspot

Using a wireless provider for internet connection, depending on how distant you reside, may let you stay connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Wireless Internet services built exclusively for laptops and tablets are available from most cell phone operators and some more specialist firms.

There are a variety of 3G and 4G hotspot devices on the market if you have a line of sight to a mobile broadband repeater, such as the Clear Spot Voyager Wireless Hotspot and the T-Mobile Sonic 2.0 4G Mobile Hotspot. For those near enough to draw in the Wi-Fi signal, this might be an excellent alternative when combined with an external Wi-Fi Antenna and signal booster to extend your range.

This might become one of the most dependable solutions for individuals who need to keep connected as time goes on.

Here’s a beautiful old video that teaches you how to make your own homemade Wi-Fi Signal Amplifying antenna for all you DIYers out there (sometimes called a Cantenna)


Connect numerous devices quickly and effortlessly.

Connection speed is faster than most mobile phone plans.

Typically less expensive than satellite, with reduced hardware expenses.


More costly than cellular and requires additional gear.

If you need external antennae to draw in a signal, you may install it above ground.

Internet access via satellite

Satellite internet is becoming a viable option for tourists and those who have chosen to reside in remote places of the globe. HughesNet and Wild Blue, for example, now provide fast, low-cost service to practically every location in the United States.

One thing to keep in mind for people managing their energy use is that these satellite modems must be turned off, or they will continue to draw 20 – 30 watts at all times.

RV Satellite Systems

Because some individuals like traveling with their RVs or trailers, I quickly wanted to touch on RV Satellite systems. Many firms provide satellite service to full-time RVers, but the setup on these devices is generally rather costly. Expect to invest at least a few thousand dollars in hardware and design for a decent Roof-Mounted system that will automatically latch onto the satellite signal no matter where you park. On the positive side, even the most distant boondocking sites in the nation will have internet service.


The most significant benefit of satellite internet is that it allows you to access it in locations. Where mobile towers cannot reach.

Download speeds are quick.

Several businesses will combine satellite television into your monthly subscription.


During busy hours, depending on the business, you may notice a reduction in download speed.

Hardware prices may be more fantastic depending on the service.

Your signal may be affected by the weather. To strike the satellite, you’ll need a good view of the sky.

When broadcasting or utilizing services like Skype, you may have latency difficulties.

Ham Radio is used to connect to the internet

It is feasible to establish a repeater network that lets you access the internet through ham radio. Albeit this is not practical for massive downloads or streaming large files. In reality, when all other kinds of communication have failed, ham radios may be utilized to convey email, data. And documents reasonably effectively during an emergency.

Even before the internet, amateur radio operators used Packet Radio, their version of the internet. Hams may use packet radio to deliver files, update bulletin boards, convey text messages. And even manage remote systems and networks. For example, suppose the internet goes down due to a disaster. In that case, Packet Radio technology may still utilize to connect small stations. And build an ad hoc network – a type of emergency internet.

Today, Ham radio operators may send an email with attachments, send emergency relief messages. And message relays, and even access the internet through global radio messaging networks like DStar and Winlink. Although the legality of utilizing it to access some portions of the internet is still debatable. And it is not advisable to send personal data or passwords over these technologies. It is a realistic alternative for accessing the internet in an emergency.

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