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Pro Tips To Optimize Amazon Product Listings

Amazon isn’t just the largest online retailer in the world It is also an extremely powerful search engine.

Your product pages should employ the best SEO practices that work with the Amazon algorithm in order to attract your customers who are interested in your product.

Making your website optimized for Amazon is a different process than what you’ve learnt to accomplish for Google.

The first is that Amazon’s algorithm isn’t changed that very often, and once you’ve learned its requirements for optimization, you won’t have to modify your content often.

Google’s primary focus is selling ads, while Amazon’s primary focus is on e-commerce sales of its products.

Amazon prefers a well-structured particular format, and doesn’t consider linking in its ranking criteria. 

The platform does not look at whether your content is original; it is possible to use similar bullet points and titles that are similar as those of other products (just make sure you don’t duplicate the content on your site, because that’s duplicating content , and your listing could be removed from indexing).

Great Product Photography

Images of your product that are high-quality with multiple angles, as well as the size of your product is what sells your product.

You should use at minimum 6-7 images to make sure potential buyers are able to get in-depth and intimate with your product. You can also make use of 9 images altogether.

Their official website specifically states that professional photographs should fill around 85 percent of the frame without watermarks. The guidelines state that the dimensions of pixel width and height should be greater than 1000.

There are a few more images with white backgrounds which show the textures, details and shapes of the product to stimulate the customer’s senses.

Keyword Optimization

There are four major areas that you can make use of keywords to improve the performance of your website’s page for sale – in your titles, bullets, descriptions and lastly, your search phrases.

Make sure to include keywords into Amazon’s backend searches within Seller Central.

To identify the key words that people are searching for, employ Google Keyword Planner or Amazon specific SellerApp

Avoid using any keywords you’ve already used elsewhere on your site since any words that are repeated are redundant and won’t help to a higher rank.

Don’t waste precious keywords by using keywords in both upper and lower case letters . The Amazon search engine doesn’t differentiate between them. Commas are another no No. They are just a waste of space.

Product Title

Amazon clearly outlines what constitutes the ideal title for a page on a product on their website. If you follow their recommendations to the letter , you will see that your page will be ranked higher.

You get 250 characters for your title tag. The balance of “algorithm friendly” and “readable for humans” is the main challenge.

The title isn’t the headline, but more of a concise description of your product upfront. Titles that are longer and filled with relevant keywords are likely to stand out from titles that are more minimalist.

Bullet Points

Following your headline, the second item of content that your customer will encounter are bullet points which highlight the specs for your item. This is the ideal location to include your top keywords.

Bullet points on amazon listing also give you the chance to inform potential customers what benefits they can derive by using your product.

If you trigger these desires within the user, through those bullet points you provide, it may not be optimizing your website for the algorithm, however they are certain to capture the customer’s imagination.

This section is available below the page, and is another chance to elaborate on the strengths of the product.


Amazon gives you 2000 characters for unpacking your product. This is the time to take a deep dive into the product’s specifications.

Be sure to keep your sentences brief by using only 15 to 20 words to allow for easy reading. Be sure to describe the benefits to customers first, and then describe the features in detail.

The description gives you the opportunity to explain to your customer the reason why they require what you’re selling in a friendly and relatable manner.

It is possible to include keywords, however there’s no benefit using techniques for keyword stuffing since the content doesn’t matter as much in ranking optimization. 

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