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Rise of the Smartphone Repair Market

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and as of now, there are more mobile devices on Earth than there are people. This growth is not just limited to the smartphone manufacturing industry but has catalyzed the smartphone repair market as well. As per a report, the smartphone repair market will reach US $258.3 billion by 2027 growing at a CAGR of 5.4%.

The smartphone industry has boomed in the past decade with several innovations and technologies being launched with different mobile devices. This rise in the popularity of smartphones has correspondingly created a rise in the mobile repair industry as well across countries. People are buying expensive smartphones with larger screens that are fragile and susceptible to damage if not taken care of properly. Cracked and broken screens, charger not working, and display issues are some of the most common smartphone problems plaguing users across the world.

Another enabler for the growth of this industry is the availability of Chinese brands that are offering top-of-the-line specs to customers at very affordable prices. This has given rise to a faster upgrade cycle of mobile phones with users open to buying a new device or replacing their current device after just 21 months of usage. Such a quick buying spree is ideal for smartphone repair centres especially the ones in emerging markets as compared to a developed economy as they are more aggressive towards replacing their smartphones.

The Impact of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted the mobile repair business in a big way. Countrywide lockdowns, closed shops, and limited mobility of people prevented any kind of business for thousands of repair centres. It was especially difficult for the unorganized smartphone repair business and standalone 3rd party repair centres present in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities of developing nations like India.

The pandemic was not only challenging for the business, but it was also a difficult situation for users. They couldn’t get their mobile phones repaired by either a 3rd party store or from a company-operated repair centre. This gap in supply and demand gave rise to doorstep smartphone repair with a number of startups entering the market as well as prominent players shifting their business to a more “online” approach.

Rise of Doorstep Mobile Repair

There are several companies in India that have started doorstep pickup and delivery services for damaged smartphones. All a user needs to do is contact the company, state the problem with their device, and then wait for them to pick up the device from their doorstep. Once the repair process is complete, the smartphone is return to the user.

This method is quickly gaining a lot of traction as it enables users to stay safe inside the comfort of their homes instead of roaming around in a crowded market to search for repair centres. It is not just safe, it is convenient as well since users don’t need to go anywhere to get their device repair and working like new. Doorstep mobile repair and delivery is also suitable for people living in smaller cities who don’t have a trusted repair centre near their homes.

Another advantage of these new-age service providers is that they encompass every aspect of the repair process is it software related or hardware related. Technicians working in the company have experience in working with different devices and use genuine products only for any kind of hardware replacement. Users can get their screen repair or even replace at affordable costs and that too from the comfort of their homes. Apart from screen replacement, users can also opt for battery replacement, camera and sensor repair, button repair, software diagnostics and more. As per a report, the screen repair and replacement category account for the largest share in the mobile repair market.

Rapid Repair

One of the fastest-growing mobile service providers in India is Rapid Repair. They hold expertise in dealing with Apple and OnePlus devices and their services are available to almost everyone in India. They’ve partnered with 3rd party logistics provider to pick up phones from a user’s doorstep and deliver it to them safely as well.

What makes Rapid Repair stand apart from everyone is that they employ super techies with years of experience in working with these devices and they keep the user updated about every step by sharing pictures along the way. Rapid Repair gives a warranty for their service which not only makes it easier for users to build trust but also shows that they use genuine products only for any kinds of repairs and replacement.

When it comes to smartphone repair, users have a number of different options to choose from. They can either go to the authorized service centre of the manufacturer which will cost more, or they can go to a local repair shop that will charge less but is more likely to use cheap and duplicate products. There is now a third option and that is to go with these new-age doorstep mobile repair service companies that won’t charge much but won’t use duplicate replacement parts.

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