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The Best Places in High Wycombe You Need to Visit

High Wycombe is a fantastic destination to visit at any time of the year. Booking restaurants, hotels, as well as High Wycombe taxis for the itinerary is an added benefit. High Wycombe is a thriving market town, which is great for those looking for a vibrant nightlife and an unforgettable shopping experience. There is a shopping center called the Eden Shopping Center is one of the most well-known retail destinations. Featuring numerous stores and eateries, as well being a bowling alley as well as cinema. Despite recent changes in the city, High Wycombe has maintained its historic and cultural appeal and traditional customs.

The Best Places in High Wycombe

It is situated within The Chilterns area of outstanding natural beauty and also in the stunning County of Buckinghamshire. Wycombe’s vibrant historical towns and countryside scenes, along with charming villages, make this area an ideal destination for all seasons. There are plenty of activities at High Wycombe that will not disappoint guests.

Chiltern Hills

High Wycombe is situated on the escarpment, a chalky escarpment that rises over 250 meters above sea level. It has been designated a protected natural beauty area. It is possible to find information on cycling routes, hiking trails country pubs, charming estates, and villages on the High Wycombe. With their gorgeous valleys, hedgerows, and beech forests that date back to the past. Ancient beech woodlands, the Chilterns as well as Hughenden as well as West Wycombe, are all their beautiful beauties.

West Wycombe Park

Sir Francis Dashwood gained notoriety on his Grand Tour of Europe in the 18th century. When he was banned from Russia because he tried to seduce the Tsarina of Anne pretending to be Charles XII of Sweden. It is owned by the National Trust has owned the palace since 1943. It’s a mix of Georgian style, featuring 2 levels that are West Front colonnades reminiscent of Vicenza’s Palazzo Chiericati. It is among the top places to visit in High Wycombe that is highly recommended.

St Lawrence’s Church

Since the Middle Ages, St Lawrence’s Church, which was the mainstay of the village of Haveringdon in the middle ages is now the highest point on the hill. The Grade I listed church was revamped in the hands of Francis Dashwood in the mid-eighteenth century. The result is a bizarre combination that combines Medieval and Neoclassical architecture, with lots of Rococo stuccoworks. The nave, filled with Corinthian columns and is inspired by an ancient Robert Wood sketch of Palmyra’s Temple of the Sun. Trompe-oil paintings are affixed to the nave and the ceiling and the nave. While Dashwood personally created the mahogany choral stalls. It certainly enhances the best spot within High Wycombe with its wonder.

West Wycombe Village

West Wycombe Village is only three streets long, but it has several well-preserved structures dating from the 1500s through the 1800s. Despite its tiny dimensions, however, the Dashwoods controlled everything in the village. The village’s position was an important destination on the London-Oxford train route. The Dashwoods were able to sell the entire village at the end of 1929 to generate money after their loss in the Wall Street Crash.

High Wycombe Guildhall

The memorial, which dates to 1757, and has an arcade that runs along the street. Make an impressive impression when viewed from the east. The Guildhall is constructed within the style of the Palladian style and is adorned with the armorial design on its pediment. The Pepper Pot or Cornmarket, an impressive addition to the Guildhall was revamped in 1761 by the famous designer Robert Adam according to plans. The rest of High Street is worth checking out due to its beautiful Georgian as well as Victorian mansions.

Hughenden Manor

Benjamin Disraeli, Queen Victoria’s two-time premier minister, and a close friend was a frequent visitor at the National Trust property. Hughenden was his residence for the remainder of his life. It was bought in 1848 when he joined his party, the Tory Party. The home was Palladian at the time it was constructed around 1830 however Disraeli was able to have Edward Buckton Lamb restore it with a whimsical hybrid style. Benjamin Disraeli, a two-time prime minister and a friend of Queen Victoria resided at the National Trust property. Hughenden was his only home after he joined his Tory Party in 1848, and he was to spend his entire life in the area. The house was originally Palladian in design and Disraeli oversees Edward Buckton Lamb’s witty restoration of the house and made Hughenden one of the most popular historic places within High Wycombe.

Make your plans for your trip to High Wycombe

There are a lot of things to do to visit High Wycombe. High Wycombe cabs are simple and efficient. Taxis within High Wycombe is simple to book and enjoyable to ride in. If you compare it to public transportation as well as a private taxi base located in High Wycombe, booking High Wycombe taxis before the date of your travel is always less expensive and quicker. They’ll provide speedy service that can meet your requirements. The itinerary can be fully created, customized, and even booked on the internet!

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